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The core team at Connecting You Now Inc. dedicates a significant amount of time to analyzing business trends. The immediate future presents certain challenges that require our attention. We are currently observing changes in the business landscape, including shifts in government support programs for individual business owners, companies, and corporations. As a result, there are heightened pressures on business leaders, team members, and future leaders who have been working remotely. This new way of work has its complexities and strains.

How can we effectively address these challenges and provide the necessary support for our workers? How can we nurture their well-being, offer assistance, and boost productivity in a situation where physical gatherings are not possible?

One of our CYN Executive Directors, Charlie McFarland, who has 30 years’ experience as a theatre producer, director and arts executive, plus seven more as a certified business coach, has combined his skills and experience into a virtual program to answer the call. His Theatre of Commerce program gathers teams online and coaches them in the methods, derived from producing theatre, to craft, collaborate in and play “success stories” in a virtual group setting. Please have a look at the following Theatre of Commerce video to see how this works, and just what it can do for team-building, sales relationships and - as a bonus for the company leader - crafting a truly unique value proposition, to get everybody on board with the real value the business offers to the world.



Connecting You Now Inc. is devoted to the world achieving unparalleled growth and success, one business relationship at a time.

How? By facilitating and fostering truly authentic referrals, connections and partnerships, with the right people, in the right place and at the right time. By growing the business owner and leader, we grow the business with you – and you with the business.


To be the corporate entity that models success in business, as being centred on the values of the people running their business. To promote the betterment of the world by providing the tools for business owners to be and to communicate their authentic selves in their entrepreneurship. Purpose drives profit.


  • Respect & Integrity - Work in a fair and ethical manner
  • Diversity - Welcome diverse identities and bring out the best in all people
  • Reliability - Cultivate a trustworthy environment and operate with consistency
  • Lead with Vision & Creativity - Create a shared vision and develop priorities
  • Innovate & Improve - Encourage creativity and innovation; catalyze financial growth
  • Accountability & Ethics - Hold ourselves and others to the highest ethical standards in thinking and working
  • Confidentiality - Ensure strict confidentiality in accordance with our privacy policy


You focus on what you do best and we will take care of the rest.